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Everything Must Go

by Twin Cities

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Everybody’s skippin town Headin someplace better This place has always let them down So they’re leaving forever To build a home out on the coast New York or California To get away from all they’ve known This place they’ve grown so bored of Cause everything is always happening someplace else Do you really think packing up your things will change anything? No one wants to live here now And who can really blame them? They’ve done nothing with their life somehow Must be the city that they came from It’s old fashioned way of doing things Is stopping them from living The perfect life they always dreamed They someday would be given But when they leave, they’ll live the life that they always dreamed Finally, they’ll become so interesting Do you really think packing up your things will change anything? Will change your apathy Or kill your misery?
This Is Fine 02:56
Check the phone 10 minutes closer to that dreaded tone Worse yet, there’s only four more hours to go Til morning meetings and bad espresso There’s never time Stretched too thin to even ride my bike Much less start that book I’ve planned to write Maybe in another life Dreams of smoke that burn my eyes I can’t sleep well through the night Blanket on a bed of lies Stay awake ‘til morning light Morning light Lurch to the shower for a splash of life takes forever ‘til the water’s right Turn on a podcast from The New York Times It says we’re gonna die! All the studies say the end’s in sight If we don’t change our ways overnight We’ll all be gone by 2045 The days burn off so quickly Moving faster without shifting gears No time to worry about the course we steer Cause it’s easier to stay busy Hoping our problems will just disappear That something greater will come interfere Your thoughts and prayers sure are nice But they don’t do much in hindsight Too caught up in daily life We keep saying "this is fine” Dreams of cities burnt alive We can’t sleep well through the night Blanket on a bed of lies Stay awake til--
Will you look at me differently When you finally see Who I am After my meds wear off And my mind’s tangled up in knots Again The moon’s crashing down And my thoughts are way too loud Leaving the crowd Cause there’s noise in every sound Bear with me If things get a little grisly If I give into my misery For the night Cause lately things Have been getting way too heavy Yeah, it feels like I’ve already Lost the fight The moon’s crashing down And my thoughts are way too loud Leaving the crowd Cause there’s noise in every sound When I can’t fall asleep And words lose their meaning The world falls sideways As I stand on the wall And my life slows to a crawl I hope that you’ll stay That we’ll be okay Cause the moon’s crashing down And I’m freaking the fuck out Cause my thoughts are way too loud Hearing noise in every sound Do you even know me? Do you even know me?
On our ride home A sign caught your eye that read “estate sale: everything must go” So You asked to stop by for just a minute to look at all the clothes But no! The front yard was littered: lawn equipment and Garden gnomes Oh! You joked “they need a new family. Can we take them home?” Oh, we get carried through the years By things that we hold most dear And then they all get sold From the china and chandelier To the pill box and wash for ears It all must go So once inside, I made my way to their book shelf So I could judge their eye It Was lined with new books on fighting cancer And the afterlife The front Pages were signed by friends and family, “You’ll be alright” Oh, Isn’t it strange the lengths we go to? We get carried through the year By the people that hold us dear And then they just grow old It’s like they were never here Photos fade then they disappear On our walk Out to the car A couple danced In the yard A record played In the mood It was warped Bent out of tune Oh, the words just abandoned me So it took your hand quietly Then we headed home Oh, you’ll carry me through the years Til we fade and we disappear And we’re headed home We’re headed


In their new EP, Everything Must Go, Midwest indie-rockers Twin Cities question how people carry on and find hope when their world is crumbling, asking “isn’t it strange the lengths we go to” in the title track “Why Don’t You Dance?”

The EP features four blistering tracks of pure emo-pop, complete with searing guitars and lyrics exploring topics ranging from anxious introspections on how antidepressants affect relationships (“Different Lens”), to biting criticisms of people who run away from their problems by moving out away from hometown (“No One Wants to Live Here Now”).

Adding to the rhythm section of drummer Will Erickson (Jordana, Team Tremolo) and bassist Caleb Drummond (The Travel Guide), Twin Cities newcomer Beau Harris (Old News) adds a layer of complex, noodling guitar leads, complimenting guitarist Ryan Stoldt’s rhythmic foundation. The increased musicianship of the group’s new members is best demonstrated in the complex time signatures of “Why Don’t You Do Dance?” and the polyrhythmic bridge in “This Is Fine.”

Everything Must Go will be Twin Cities’ first release in nearly five years, with their last album Missing out on Nothing being released just before Stoldt moved to Iowa to begin his doctoral program.


released September 27, 2019

Ryan Stoldt: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Beau Harris: Guitar
Caleb Drummond: Bass, Vocals, Keys
Will Erickson: Drums, Percussion, Guitar
Joey Lemon: Vocals, Keys


Produced and Mixed by Joey Lemon and Will Erickson
Drums, bass, and guitars recorded by AM Namee at Zeptepland in Wichita, KS.
Additional recording by Joey Lemon
Mastered by Joey Lemon


Music written by Ryan Stoldt, Will Erickson, Caleb Drummond, Beau Harris, Joey Lemon
Lyrics written by Ryan Stoldt, Joey Lemon, Caleb Drummond, Will Erickson
Lyrics on “No One Wants To Live Here Now” written by Ryan Stoldt and Amanda Casey.


Artwork: Cover image by Bailey Tredway, graphic design by Ryan Stoldt.


all rights reserved



Twin Cities Wichita, Kansas

If Ti West made emo music.

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