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Sunflower Sessions Vol II

by Twin Cities

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Hailey Nuthals
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Hailey Nuthals An album about loves, but not the perfect ones you hear on the radio - loves that didn't work out, or that almost did, and how that hurts but it's okay. A refreshing look at romantic relationships with a simple, honest sound. Favorite track: Untitled II.
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Lovers 02:20
We kissed when I was three it didn’t mean anything but looking back it’s all that mattered to me My world was you and me, a lego set, a stuffed puppy, an open door that let the world’s light in My family moved when I was eight to a new home far away to this day all I remember is your face but it’s probably a good thing cause now we’re so different it seems last time we talked we were opposites on everything Puppy love always end we grow up, can’t play pretend or at least we start doing it differently I fell in love in the 8th grade on every note we wrote fake names turned into couples from the big screen We made out and watched tv she meant everything so when she left I went into hiding After a couple of years a good friend became more dear but I never had the guts to say anything she was older than me she felt out of my league too caught up in the books she was reading So when she moved away it kinda sucked and ruined my day but now I’m thankful for the friendship she gives me And when I was 19 I found the girl of my dreams a blonde hair, green eyed beauty I laughed at everything she’d say I loved the way she said my name but in the end she just couldn’t love me I tried to give her everything I wrote her into all my dreams but my bed was always cold the next morning Yeah, my bed was always cold the next morning.
Winner 01:08
You're more pretty than the chocolate rose bouquet I made for you on Valentine's Day I hope that it was sweet and my thorns didn't make you bleed cause you deserve the best from me You're more funny than the shows we used to watch You made me laugh more than Liz Lemon and maybe Michael Scott and yet you're darker than my basement when we turned the TV off you kept me guessing so my love would never stop You're sweeter than the sea salt ice cream You made for me that anniversary We watched the sun set in black robe and white dress and it's the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen
If I could go back 10 years to tell you I love you I hope that you know I would I’d fight back the fear of being rejected ask you to join me as I hit the road but you were a song I never could quite sing I guess in time we all regret some things I think I screwed up my chance to be a real writer when I was 8 years old I packed up my bags and moved up to kansas I put down my pen when I should have made it my home I miss the feeling of granite in my teeth Spitting out words like they didn’t mean a thing Now I write down these words in this old notebook and I beat out these songs on my guitar and I try not to think of you too often but most days it just gets too hard
There was smoke on your breathe as we lay in that makeshift bed where I watched you close your eyes and fall asleep and as we lay in the dark I gave you my heart but you said if you wait for me it may just be a waste of your time but don’t you fear I will wait for you here until the morning breaks through the night until you know we’ll get this right Now I fake my repose, try to smile, try to joke but I know we’re both actors playing our roles but you let me in, let me see under your skin and I saw the things I fear deep in myself but don’t you fear I will wait for you here until the morning breaks through the night until you know we’ll get this right but don’t you fear I will wait for you here until the morning breaks through the night until you know we’ll get this right
The book is open on my bed but I can’t read another page I’ve read the story a thousand times I’m not ready for the ending to change I’ve got your letter on my desk the one you wrote before you left and now I’m thinking quietly of what I wanted us to be how you came into my life and I fed you selfish lies I never meant to do anything to harm you despite the way things seem to stack against me know with my back against the bough I’ll draw you pictures of my dreams if you’ll tell me what they mean my words have been my enemies never matching their meanings All I ever meant to say was that things will be okay for both you and for me If you’re happy, that’s all I need It’s why I lay awake at night to try and figure out my life If I can’t be your everything I’ll try to give you more than you need
Untitled II 03:14
It’s been a year now I still think about you every day it hasn’t gotten any easier I just lay around and wait for memories to turn real for phone calls that never come for the look in your eyes you know the one I never saw You’ve found a new home now I can’t believe you’re really gone we needed each other how could you every carry on but I can see that you’re happy he gives you more than I ever could I swear I gave you my best thought Although it never did much good You know I don’t really blame you you had every right to leave still I’d do it all over this time I swear I’d change some things I’d be less of a liar focus more on you and less on me really show you I love you give you a reason not to leave not to leave


Some sad songs about a girl


released October 2, 2014

Songs written by Ryan Stoldt
Songs recorded and mixed by Thomas Hays of Hays Manor (haysmanor.com)
Video recorded by Sunflower Studios
Album artwork by Alexander Matthew Schneider


all rights reserved



Twin Cities Wichita, Kansas

If Ti West made emo music.

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