Twin Cities​/​Faux Reality Split EP

by Twin Cities

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Twin Cities and Faux Reality ( recorded an EP together.


released March 27, 2015

Produced by Thomas Hays and James Hays at Hays Manor. Learn more about the studio at
Artwork by the always great Kristyn Chapman. Learn more about her work at



all rights reserved


Twin Cities Wichita, Kansas

If Ti West made emo music.

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Track Name: Nostalgia (Faux Reality Cover)
The bitter truth is frozen in
from years out in the storm
We can try to that it out
but it will still remain in form

Oh nostalgia that I have wronged
We have let our notions fall
No feeling to hold on
No memory to recall

The vacant apartment on Pine
held lives of the broken men
We tried to gather their bones
but they shattered in our hands again

Oh nostalgia that I have wronged
We have let our notions fall
No feeling to hold on
No memory to recall

This is my home
Track Name: Faux Reality - Brown Eyes (Twin Cities Cover)
The city lights were shining all around
on our walk home from a night drunk downtown
Yeah, the concert was good and the day had gone perfectly
You had this look in your brown eyes as you talked about everything

But soon enough you started to cry
and we both knew your reason why
I wanted to break through the door help you forget everything
Pick you up off the floor, help you mend all your dreams

I still felt lost at sea
you still felt just as lost as me
so when you opened the door, my thoughts ran on repeat
What's a beauty like her during with a wretch like me

Then I saw my reflection in the window
and didn't recognize myself
After everything we've been through
maybe we both need someone else
I swear to give you all I've got left
as long as you promise me to
don't have much I really want now
but one thing that matters to me is you

Don't let me down
Track Name: The Rib-Cage Blues
I sing in this thickening air
while god pounds the rib-cage blues on my lungs

This crusty blood's on my finger tips

My open wounds stain the chapel floor.
If hell froze, then I'll clean the mess that I made

This crusty blood's on my finger tips

I pick my scabs just to feel again;
God laughs as I wipe the blood on my jeans