The Past Four Months

by Twin Cities

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released December 7, 2013

Ryan Stoldt: Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Will Erickson: Drums, Bass, Noise

Recorded and mixed by Justin Gadell
Album Artwork by Emily Ritter



all rights reserved


Twin Cities Wichita, Kansas

If Ti West made emo music.

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Track Name: So Leave
Before you walk out,
let me explain my indifference, impatience
and lack of dignity. I’m sorry.

I know I’m not anything
you hoped I would be, so leave.
Who would blame you?
Track Name: I Can't
22 years old isn’t what I thought it’d be at 17.
Aching skin and bones, a bed with dirty sheets,
don’t ask more from me.

Because I can’t be what you want or need even if I wanted to.
The blame is not on you.

My nights end the same, thinking of you.
Morning never change, always ready for something new.
But if it never comes, I’ll just string you along
as you wear from apathy. Please don't ask more from me.
Track Name: Are You
I’m not too sure
about many things these days
Counting the time
between every word you say
I’m filling gaps in
to keep interested
Living fiction
alone inside my head

You are making a big mistake on me

Turn off the lights
We’ve got nowhere to go
I’m grasping for time
cause I can’t get a hold
I guess I’ve done all
there is that I can do
Loving the past
cause it always leaves too soon
Track Name: Boy Meets World
I’m locking eyes with my computer screen
That’s standing in for my TV
That replaced some gorgeous girl
That I gave up some friends for.
It’s got your eyes, your witty tastes
There aren’t goodbyes, just replays.
The past four months I’ve been faking dead
Living life safely from my bed

But it’s time to get my shit together
I miss you, but I can’t just wait forever
For nothing

So I’m working on going out
Giving up my post in this house
I should probably shave, pay my rent
Clean this place, leave my apartment
I’ve been too afraid of what’s to come
To even try moving on
But now I know my faults, know my mistakes
I’ve learned some things, I’ve found my place

So I guess someday I’ll try all this again
I miss you, but I guess this is the end
Of nothing